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SalesPro.gif (5768 bytes)Need to make some drawings, clip-art, illustrations, signs, or posters? DRAWiT is the full-featured Windows shareware drawing program that combines the best features of graphics, word processing and desktop publishing packages together. In addition, there are special features for printing large posters and banners.

Powerful Graphics Features:

Flexible Graphics File Features support virtually every file format:

Picture (bitmap) Editing:

warpt.gif (2442 bytes)Powerful Text capabilities for eye-catching announcements or complex drawings:  

DRAWiT vs. POSTER: DRAWiT is similar to POSTER, but includes enhanced features for graphics users. This includes supporting layers, many more file formats, and saving to GIF, JPG (JPEG), and TIFF files.

Documentation: Comprehensive on-line help, a tutorial, over 100 templates and examples.

Supported Printers: Supports all windows-compatible black & white and color printers. Supports single-sheet and continuous forms printers, including banners on the HP inkjet printers, and all dot-matrix printers. Supports HP Large-format (design jet) printers.  Supports banners on the Epson color-stylus printers.

Shareware: DRAWiT is shareware. You can download it and try it for free for 21 days. (you are also limited to printing 12 multi-sheet posters or banners). DRAWIT registration costs only $18 (+$2 shipping). Registration removes all usage limitations, provides support and upgrades for a year, and gets you a disk with the latest version of DRAWIT and a set of 100 fancy borders.For instant registration click here.

ZDNet 5-starAwards: DRAWiT has received the Ziff-Davis Shareware 5-star rating (the industry's highest rating).  Click here for independent reviews.