Anderson Island Park and Recreation District
Volunteer Agreement and Liability Waiver

Thank you for volunteering with the Anderson Island Park and Recreation District. Your time and effort makes our community a better place to live. Please electronically sign your name to indicate you have read and understand the information below. Make sure to include your address and phone number. If the volunteer is a minor, the parent must also fill out the last 3 rows.

By electronically signing this agreement/liability waiver, I agree to indemnify and hold the landowners, Anderson Island Park and Recreation District, its Commissioners and other volunteers harmless from and against any liability, claim, injury, or costs arising from or resulting from my work as a volunteer, except for medical costs as covered by the state Department of Labor and Industries. Furthermore, I acknowledge that there are potential hazards associated with volunteer activities and I agree to exercise common sense and follow all safety precautions to avoid accident and injury.

If I will be volunteering for the summer camp or other activities including children, I consent to the District performing a background check into my history in accordance with RCW 43.43.830-839 and waive any right of privacy I may have in such information for the limited purpose of the District considering it for determining my suitability as a volunteer working with children.

I understand that I am not to appear for volunteer service under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. Should any injury occur during the scope of my service, I understand that the District has included my hours of volunteer service in the State Labor and Industries medical coverage for volunteer workers. I understand that I am to report any on-the-job injury or illness, no matter how minor, to the camp Director or volunteer coordinator."

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  By checking this box, I certify that I am the above named person and agree to the above conditions.

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